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The Toy Store

One day a family.gif (4436 bytes)went to the test.bmp (466678 bytes).

At the test.bmp (466678 bytes) they saw atest.bmp (466678 bytes), sometest.bmp (466678 bytes),

atest.bmp (466678 bytes), some colorfultest.bmp (466678 bytes), and a littletest.bmp (466678 bytes)

The boy.gif (1881 bytes)  wanted to get atest.bmp (466678 bytes), and some test.bmp (466678 bytes).

Thegirl.gif (2139 bytes)wanted antest.bmp (466678 bytes) , and a test.bmp (466678 bytes).

But the mother.gif (2152 bytes) and the father.gif (2086 bytes) told theboy.gif (1881 bytes) and thegirl.gif (2139 bytes)

to choose test.bmp (466678 bytes) toy each.

So the boy.gif (1881 bytes) chose the test.bmp (466678 bytes), and thegirl.gif (2139 bytes)chose thetest.bmp (466678 bytes).

Then thefamily.gif (4436 bytes)went back home.gif (1984 bytes) and

the boy.gif (1881 bytes)girl.gif (2139 bytes)played with their new test.bmp (466678 bytes)test.bmp (466678 bytes).

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The End

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