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The Walk

One day a littlegirl.gif (2139 bytes)wanted to go for a walk with herdoll.gif (1726 bytes).

So she made atest.bmp (466678 bytes) , and took an test.bmp (466678 bytes) and some test.bmp (466678 bytes).

She put them in her   test.bmp (466678 bytes) and put on her hat.gif (1386 bytes).

Then she put herdoll.gif (1726 bytes) in the test.bmp (466678 bytes)and went outside.

Soon, a bigtest.bmp (466678 bytes) came and blew her hat.gif (1386 bytes)into atest.bmp (466678 bytes).

A nice little test.bmp (466678 bytes)saw thetest.bmp (466678 bytes)blow the hat.gif (1386 bytes)

into thetest.bmp (466678 bytes), and he wanted to help thegirl.gif (2139 bytes).

So, he took the hat.gif (1386 bytes)in his  test.bmp (466678 bytes)and gave it back to thegirl.gif (2139 bytes).

Thegirl.gif (2139 bytes)was verytest.bmp (466678 bytes).

She gave the test.bmp (466678 bytes)some test.bmp (466678 bytes)from hertest.bmp (466678 bytes).

Now the test.bmp (466678 bytes)wastest.bmp (466678 bytes)too.

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The End

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