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Faeries and Isabella

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By Sabrina Golds Age: 8

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Chapter 1

Far, far away, there is a strange land, and this land is Faerie Land. There were many different types of faerie, the first was a Water Faerie. The water faerie lived in a fountain, for she had a mermaids tail.  If you were lucky enough to visit her fountain, you could bathe in it and get good powers, or she would give you a healing potion to drink if ever you were ill.

The second kind was an Earth Faerie. She spent most of her time under the earth, exploring. She always wore green. If you saw her she would give you a bit of earth to rule over. 

The third kind was a Fire Faerie. She lived in everlasting fire, and appeared in a puff of fire. If you saw her she would give you some fire to keep, and if you were wounded, she would tell you to jump into the fire and it would make you better. 

The fourth kind was a Space Faerie. The space faerie lived in space, and traveled round her enormous home. If you saw her, she would give you a ride on her space rocket, and she would let you keep that particular rocket. 

The fifth was an Air Faerie. She lived in a cloud of air, up in the sky, and if you saw her she would give you some air, and tell you to set it free if you needed some luck. 

The sixth was a Light Faerie. The light faerie was around when it was light. She was a good and kind faerie, and if you saw her, she would let you have anything in the world. 

The seventh was a Dark Faerie. Now, this faerie was evil and crafty. If you saw her, she would set a quest for you, and if you completed it, she would give you something like a poisonous lollipop, and tell you to eat it when you wanted something and you would get it, but of course she was lying. 

The eighth was a rare faerie. She was called the Soup Faerie, because if you went into her kitchen she would offer you some soup, which brought you good luck. 

The ninth was the Battle Faerie. She was always fighting in battle against enemies, and if you saw her she would give you the power to defeat all enemies or rivals. 

The last Faerie was the Grey Faerie. She was a kind of Dark Faerie, but not as evil.

Chapter 2

One bright, sunny Saturday afternoon, a girl named Isabella was walking to the park, when she cam across a strange lady. She had long sharp nails, and wore a full length purple dress. What really amazed Isabella was that this woman had purple skin! She had a very crafty, sneaky look on her face. She even had purple, wide wings. Isabella stared. "Aahh. This is marvelous." muttered the lady, walking towards Isabella. "What do you want?" blurted Isabella. "Hello. I am Jhudora, the darkest Dark Faerie in the universe. Well, I'd like you to help me find my candy stick, and after that I'll reward you. How about it? Do we have a deal?" 

Isabella stared into Jhudora's beady eyes. She considered the offer, and then finally said "Yes, I'll help you. But what will you reward me with?" Jhudora thought for a while, and then said "I know, how about a lovely purple poisonous lollipop?" "A poisonous lollipop??? I'll die if I eat that! No way!" exclaimed Isabella in shock. "Well, you make a wish as you take a bite, wouldn't that be marvelous?" "Yes, that would. I accept your offer." replied Isabella. "Let's shake hands, you always shake on a deal." said the crafty Jhudora. 

Chapter 3

Now, what Jhudora didn't know that Illusen, a good Earth Faerie had been watching all that time. Illusen was very worried. She rushed to tell Echo, a Light Faerie, who always could defeat any Dark Faerie, but she had never tried Jhudora.
"Echo, Echo! Help please! A young girl named Isabella has been talking to Jhudora, and has accepted her offer about the poisonous lollipop and all that." 

Echo peered round and saw Illusen, who was still yelling. "Calm down, Illusen." She replied calmly. Illusen stopped wailing. Echo had heard every word, and already had a plan. "I have a plan. Let Isabella complete the quest, and eat the poisonous lollipop-"

"What? Let her eat it? No way!" cried Illusen impatiently. "Just be quiet for once, Illusen. Then we will fetch a Water Faerie, who will give a healing potion to Isabella, and she will be fine." Illusen thought. Why couldn't she have thought of that? She thought to herself. "And, after that, we could fetch a Fire Faerie to burn all Dark Faeries, and you know what happens after that, they become Light Faeries and Water Faeries!" piped up Illusen suddenly. "And we should let a Battle Faerie fight half of the Dark Faeries too." Added Echo. So, Echo and Illusen told the others their plan, and really let every faerie in the world take part.

Chapter 4

So, Isabella searched her house, and found a candy stick. She found some spare time, and saw Jhudora exactly where she was before. "Jhudora, I've got you a candy stick. Is it yours?" She asked, handing the candy stick to Jhudora. "Why, yes, it is mine. Now, let me get my poisonous lollipops out, and you can choose one." She replied in a stupid, mocking voice. Jhudora felt into her pocket brought out about 6 lollipops, and they all looked quite scary. Isabella chose one, thanked Jhudora and went back to her house. She carefully unwrapped the lollipop, and licked it, thinking to herself, 'I wish I could be famous,' and suddenly she fell to the ground. "Ahaaaaaaa!" Jhudora squealed, and laughed her way away. First thing first, a water faerie brought a healing potion, and spilled into Isabella's open mouth. Isabella woke up "What happen-" she began to say "There's no time to explain." said Echo. 

Chapter 5

The Battle faeries fought the dark faeries, and the fire faerie set off fire storms, the soup faerie spilled soup so the dark fairies slipped, the water faeries helped by swishing her tail to trip the dark faeries up, the air faeries set off tornadoes, the space faerie set off rocket bombs, and the grey faerie set off fog. The earth faeries were flicking earth at the dark faeries, and the light faeries were giving them electric shocks. The fought and battled, and finally, all dark faeries were destroyed. So, there were extra good faeries, and no more dark faeries.  But, what about Jhudora...


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The End

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