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Agent Abby

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By Sabrina Golds Age: 8

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Chapter One

"When I grow up, I'm going to be a Secret Agent! I'm going to save the world!!!" Said Abby one day to Isabelle. They were just getting ready to go into class, and before school the children were playing or standing in the line, waiting for the school day bell to ring as usual.

Abby, was a determined little girl, always ready to take on an adventure. She wanted to be a Secret Agent when she was old enough, and she said she wanted to save the world! She was only 5 years old.  Isabelle laughed at what Abby had said. "You? A Secret Agent? I don't think so, Abigail Western!" Isabelle jeered "You'll never be famous like I will!" she continued. 

Abby hated it when anyone called her by her real name, Abigail. She hated her name, so she shortened it to Abby. She only let her teacher call her Abigail. Isabelle liked winding Abby up, and she knew very well how to. She knew the things Abby didn't like. Abby went into a corner on her own and started crying. Isabelle always teased her when Abby was telling Isabelle about her future, or at least what she wanted to happen in her future. Abby wanted to fly at Isabelle, and do something horrid to her, like push her, or punch her or pull her hair right off her head, but she was worried she would get told off. The bell went, and the school day had started.

Chapter Two

Abby tried to forget about what Isabelle had said to her, and get on with her work. The class had to draw a picture of something they loved, and the one with the best picture would get a chocolate. After a while, Abby decided to show her picture of a Secret Agent on a mission to her class teacher, Miss Roberts.  "That is nice, Abigail, but it could have much better. The way you could improve it is by drawing something else.  Have a look at Isabelle's, and then you'll get the idea. Isabelle, come and show Abigail your picture." said Miss Roberts. 

Isabelle got up from her chair, and showed her picture of a pop star to both Abby and Miss Roberts. "I bet you will look as beautiful as that one day, Isabelle. Thank you for giving Abigail an idea of what to draw. I am sorry she does not have the decency to thank you. You may both go back to your seats." Isabelle smirked triumphantly at Abby. Abby felt so hurt that day, that her work was not at all her best. She kept thinking that perhaps Isabelle was right. Perhaps she would never be a Secret Agent.

Chapter Three

At home time Abby ran to her mother and started to tell her about her miserable day. Her mother was soothing and comforting as usual. The next day at school, Abby was going to try and show that it didn't bother her whatever Isabelle said. Isabelle was teasing Abby as usual, but Abby just turned round, and to Isabelle's astonishment, she started a speech. "You are absolutely right, Isabelle. I will never be a Secret Agent, unlike you, who will end up being a pop star. You will be famous." Abby was very brave to try and ignore Isabelle's remarks. 

The next day, to Abby's amazement, Isabelle kept her mouth shut, and just walked round the playground, feeling lonely. Abby felt sorry for Isabelle, so she decided she would forgive Isabelle, and see if she wanted to be friends. "Isabelle, would you like to play with me. I know you are feeling lonely, but why?" "I have no friends, because I'm so bossy." Isabelle said glumly. "I would like to be your friend, Isabelle.  Would you like to be mine?" Abby pointed out. Isabelle considered this for a while, then said, "I'd love to!" And the girls started playing together, nearly every day, and soon became the best of friends!  How amazing, the worst enemies becoming best friends!

Chapter Four

A few years later, when the girls were 18, looking for a job, the time had come for them to part. Abby was looking for a place where she could become a Secret Agent, and Isabelle a pop star. They said their goodbyes, gave each other gifts, and went looking for a job. Abby stopped when she had driven a long way for a drink, and met somebody. "Are you Abigail Western?" He asked "I am the manager. I am going to make you a Secret Agent." "I am Abigail Western. Are you really going to make me a Secret Agent?" "Yes. Get in my car." Abby got in, and the manager drove Abby to his shop. "Okay, here is your certificate, to certify that you are a Secret Agent, and your medal. You are now officially a professional Secret Agent." 

Abby was delighted!  It was like a dream come true! She danced around the room with joy and happiness. "Your first mission is to find a treasure chest in Bournemouth. You have a map, but there is no X. Find a group, and make a team of Agents, and then go on your mission." Abby set to work finding a group straight away. She found five people, named Isabelle Jones, (Isabelle from school), Nicola Johnson, Susan Bonnes & Tina McCall. She let the manager know, and she was told that she was to do her mission in a few days time. Abby told her group that she wanted it to work, and where to go, and all that sort of detail. The day finally came. They drove to Bournemouth, and followed the directions of the map. Finally, they got to the right part of the beach, and started digging. Right at the bottom, they found a ruby treasure chest. They wondered if it was the one, and got all excited.

Chapter Five

They drove back, and showed the manager. The manager congratulated the girls, and gave Abby another medal. They were told that they had been filmed, and had been reported in the newspaper. They were absolutely thrilled, especially Abby. She had got what she wished. "Congratulations. You have done well on your mission. Hopefully, in the weeks and months to come, you will succeed more missions, but for now, you must rest." And that's what they did! 


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The End

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