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The Adventures of Pinky the Magic Boy

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By Cameron   Age: 11

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Pinky Peekins was a normal boy until he was abducted by kangaroos. Now he had magical powers and today's adventure is:

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"The Roller Coaster of Cheese Part 1"

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One bright Saturday morning Pinky Peekins and his friend, Kyle Kookoo, were walking to the new amusement park called "Dairy Disaster"."This place sounds bogus," said Kyle licking his sherbet ice-cream.

"Michelle Whinnie told me they have a cool roller coaster called "Cheese"." smiled Pinky finishing his chocolate sundae.

"Well, what are we waiting for, let's ride it," hoorayed Kyle dropping his ice-cream. They ambled through the milk gate and passed by a weird looking man with a cow hat.

"That guy really gives me a weird feeling," proclaimed Pinky.

"I don't think it's him whose giving you that feeling, I think it's that sundae running down your shirt," said Kyle. As soon as Kyle finished Pinky dropped the sundae in anger.

"Let's just get on the roller coaster," said Pinky using a napkin to wipe off the chocolate. They threw their garbage away then went to the giant roller coaster.

"I wonder why they call it Cheese?" asked Pinky. Kyle scratched his green hair."  It's a Dairy thing, cheese is meat so they put it as a joke ride," smiled Kyle. Pinky rolled his eyes. "Cheese is dairy," said Pinky in the nicest way he could.

"I knew that," smiled Kyle. They dropped the subject and went to the line. Once it was their turn they entered the two seated carts and they were off to a cheesy doom.

They went up a white rail. "They tried to make it look like mozzarella," explained Pinky. Halfway through the ride was boring cause the title cheese wasn't good for the ride.  "This ride should be called "Lamo", yawned Kyle. Then suddenly they fell out of the roller coaster. They thought it was over for them until they landed on some soft cheese.

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What Will Happen to Kyle and Pinky? Will they be stuck in Cheese forever? Find out in the next story of "The Adventures of Pinky the Magic Boy."


The End

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