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The Jenson's New Year

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By Lyndsay   Age: 12

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It was hectic in the Jenson family household because it was the day before New Years Eve and they were getting ready to go to England to spend the New Year with their family. The Jenson family lived in London and where very excited. Franchesca and Samantha (Franny and Sam) were in their bedroom putting the last few things into their suitcases whilst Michael (Mick) put all the other suitcases into the car.

They were going to stay with Barbara's (Bab's) sister Louesha. Barbara was Franny and Sam's mum. Franny and Sam were excited to see their cousins, Becky, Louise, Phiona, Debbie and Amanda because they were all really good friends. They were staying at their Auntie Louesha's house because it was really big and had 16 bedrooms, so the whole family could go.

Mick was their mums friend and he was very excited to meet Bab's family because he had not yet met them. Mick had a son called Peter but everyone called him Podge. Podge was also excited to meet the family especially because Franny and Sam had lots of cousins and he couldn't wait to meet them. He was most excited about meeting Simon because he was the same age as him.

Franny and Sam had finally finished packing their suitcases which was very hard for them because they weren't keen on leaving things behind. Franchesca was annoyed because she had to leave half of her make-up and clothes at home. Sam was annoyed because her mum forbid her to bring her slingshot and her favourite 2 year old, filthy Adidas trainers. "I don't see why I have to leave my slingshot behind!" pestered Sam. " How do you think I feel, I have to leave practically all of my make-up's not fair," said Franny angrily. "What do you mean all of your make-up? You only have to leave one incy wincy box of the smelly stuff behind," said Sam irratedly. " I'm not arguing with you!"argued Franny.

They had finally finished packing so they carried their suitcases downstairs and handed them to Mick to put in the car. Babs just quickly rushed around the house checking that they had not forgotten anything and then they all got into the car. Franny had one of her magazines to read on the way, Podge had his gameboy and Sam had her personal cd player. Babs gave them all a packet of polomints each and then they set off. Franny read her magazine and Sam listened to her music whilst watching Podge play on his gameboy.

After about fifteen minutes Podge had fallen asleep so Sam nicked his gameboy and played on it. Franny had finished reading her magazine by now and was just staring out of the car window in some sort of a trance. Sam finally got bored of listening to her music so she switched it off, and just played on Podge's gameboy. "I can't wait to see Phiona and Debbie!" said Franny excitedly. "We've got so much gossip to catch up on and I've brought some great posters of Leo to give them." What about Amanda, Becky and Amanda?" asked Sam. "Well...ummmmmm..I dunno!" replied Franny. "I don't care I can't wait to see them! Me Louise, Becky and Amanda have a secret treehouse...I hope it's still there!"said Sam.

They finally arrived and they were the first ones there. Their Aunty Louesha gave them some tea and biscuits and then left Sam, Franny and Podge in the playroom whilst she went into the lounge to speak with their mum and Mick. About 10 minutes later their Aunty Mo arrived with their Uncle Graham and Becky and Amanda. Franny and Sam were really happy to see Amanda and Becky. They annoyed Podge for a bit and then they went out into the garden.

After about another 10 minutes their Uncle Oliver arrived with Phiona and Louise. Phiona and Louise went into the garden to see the others and once again they were really excited to see each other. Franny went and sat on the bench with Phiona and the others went to the giant lily pond to walk across the stepping stones. After about half an hour Debbie arrived with her mum 'Celine' and her dad 'Damen'.

Finally their grandma Jake and Grandpa Frank arrived and then their other Grandpa Timothy arrived with Simon and little baby Hannah because their mother ran away when Hannah was 1 month old so Grandpa Timothy had to bring them up.Podge and Simon got on like peas in a pod. They were all then called into the lounge were their Aunt Louesha went through the rules such as 'don't feed Uggy (the dog)' and 'don't stand on the flower beds in the garden'. Then she explained what was going to be happening in the next two days.

She showed everyone to their rooms and left them to unpack. Simon and Podge shared a room. Franny, Phiona and Debbie shared a room and Sam, Louise, Becky and Amanda got to have the biggest bedroom in the house. By now it was 6'o'clock at night so they all just stayed in their bedrooms. Podge and Simon watched Pokemon videos. Franny, Phiona and Debbie gave each other nail manicures and Sam, Louise, Amanda and Becky played Twister. They all carried on doing theses things until about quarter to seven and then they just got into their sleeping bags and beds and chatted until they all finally dosed off.

Next morning everybody went into the extra large dining room to have breakfast at about 9'o'clock. After that Franny, Phiona and Debbie went shopping at the nearby town to buy magazines and make-up. Sam, Louise, Amanda and Becky went to see if their secret treehouse was still there and it was. From their treehouse they could see the whole house and usually they just sat their with some food that they'd stolen from the kitchen and spied on everyone, which is what they did now.

Podge and Simon where still in their bedroom playing on the playstation which Simon had brought with him. Franny, Debbie and Phiona got back at about 5'o'clock, just in time for tea. They quickly put all of their shopping in their bedroom and came down to the dining room with Podge and Simon. At about 5 past 5 they were all sat down at the dining room table waiting for Sam, Louise, Amanda and Becky and finally they arrived. Their Aunty Louesha kept going on about what time they were told to come for their tea and at last she decided that because they were late they could only half a small portion of cake for desert.

After tea they had a party outside in the garden. All the adults were drinking and having conversations but all the kids were just talking at the bottom of the garden. At about quarter to 12 they all helped lay out the fireworks ready for the fireworks display that was going to be set off at exactly 12'o'clock. It took about 5 minutes to set up and then for the next 10 minutes their Aunty Louesha just kept going going on about how much they cost and where she got it from. Apparently it cost 99 pound 99 for the whole display and all she had to do was set it up.

When she had finally finished talking it was 1 minute to 12. So we all gathered round the large garden table ready to watch the fireworks go up. Uncle Oliver lit the fireworks and then all of a sudden they all flew into the sky one by one and Podge ran out to them and put out his hand. One of the fireworks shot up whilst hitting his finger. Podge let out a great all-mighty scream and everybody gasped. Mick, Babs,Louesha and Grandma Mo ran out to him to see if he was alright whilst Grandpa Timothy and Uncle Damen went into the kitchen to fetch some cold water to sooth the burn. Grandpa Frank rushed to get his car and then Mick carried him to the car and placed him in.

Then, Babs, Mick, Podge and Grandpa Frank drove off to take Podge to casualty. We all chatted about what had happened for a while and then we began talking about the fact that it was a whole new year and Podge had done that in the first few seconds of the new year. Then Sam, Louise, Becky and Amanda decided to go and watch a video in their bedroom. Soon after they had begun watching it they had all fallen asleep. About five minutes after they had fallen asleep Franny, Debbie and Phiona went to bed also. Then Simon was sent to bed.

Next morning at about 9'o'clock again they all went down for their breakfast and halfway through their breakfast Podge, Babs, Mick and Grandpa Frank walked in and joined them. They all began making a fuss over Podge who had a bandage on his hand. About 2 hours later everybody began saying goodbye and then they all slowly began to leave. Sam and Frany were sad to see their cousins go but they were all going to meet up again next new years eve.

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The End

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