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Dreaming Reality

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By Katherine


  Age: 13

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Walking through the fields
Filled with golden daffodils;
Breathing the fragrant smell
Of roses swimming in the air.

Feeling the sea breeze
Running through my hair;
Watching the sun’s rays elegantly dance through cotton balls,
Floating in the air, changing colors right before my eyes.

As I set my eyes on such a scene,
I felt the warmth of the day.
The sun shone with such big rays
And reached all that was in its path.

Suddenly I felt a speck of water land on my nose.
Rolling down my face it reached my lips
Until it reached my tongue
Letting me taste a dash of fresh spring water from a roaring water fall.

Suddenly, more drops fell,
As if the clouds were crying over me.
Flashing light hit my eyes,
Roaring and screaming while stomping the ground,
Making it tremble and shake right under my own two feet.

My feet started moving,
Not knowing where to go,
As I felt the once rich, dry soil
Turn into wet, slippery mud.

I found myself lost.
My mind was blank,
For I had lost the fantasy I had once been in.
With no place to hide from this never-ending storm,
I walked to a brave looking tree that stood still above all.

I lay down and wept golden tears,
For I was frightened and alone.
I suddenly found myself in a trance while crying.
My eyelids covered my weeping eyes, making me fall asleep.

As I felt the sun’s arms,
Reach and touch my eyes,
I found myself lying on air,
As if I were on the sky surrounded by clouds as soft as cotton balls.

Nevertheless, what I thought was wrong.
I stood up and found myself in my room.
I felt safer than I have ever been
For my room was cozier and fresher than ever before.

“That magical place in which
I had found myself enjoying…” I thought.
Through my mind I remembered
The feelings that I had once felt.

I found that I was dreaming a magical place
In which I can be free.
I suddenly looked through my clear window
And realized that I had been dreaming reality.

The End

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