If you would like to send us a story there are a few rules you must know first. They are very important because we cannot use your story unless you follow them. If you have any questions you can e-mail us at: Thank you.

  1. We encourage everyone to send us their stories including parents, writers, and of course children. If you are under 14 you must have your parent's (or legal guardian's) permission.  That means WE need to have them saying that it is o.k. with them that you are sending your story to us.

  2. You will need to give us an e-mail address where we can contact you (and your parent or legal guardian). It must be a working e-mail address.  We will e-mail you to tell you if your story is going to be put on the site and to make sure that you (and your parent or guardian) agree to have it up.  If you don't have an e-mail address please send your story by regular mail.  Your parent or guardian will need to write us a note saying: "It is o.k. to publish my son or daughter's story on the Goodnight Stories website".  They will also need to clearly print their name and sign it.  This is for your protection.

  3. You will need to let us know if you want your name and age next to your story on the site.  Even if you DO NOT want your name on the site we will still need to have it.  If you really want your name on the story, make sure to tell us because we will not put it up unless you do.  If you want a photo of you next to the story you will need to send it by regular mail along with your story.

  4. Please DO NOT send us stories where animals or people are seriously hurt or killed.  We will not put them up.  We want this site to suitable for people of ALL ages. 

  5. If you have pictures that you drew to go with your story and would like us to put them up, you will need to send them by regular mail with your story.   Please make sure they are the size of half of a piece of notebook paper, OR SMALLER.  If you have your pictures as a GIF or JPEG (your parents can help you with this) you can send it as an attatchment in your e-mail.  If you have them up on the Internet already, you can send us the website address and we can get them from there.  

  6. Please note that by sending us your stories by e-mail, FAX, or regular mail you giving us unconditional permission to publish your story on the Internet and to use it in any future Goodnight Stories newsletter. Please make sure you do not send us any copyrighted material (someone else's stories or writing) this is ILLEGAL and could get you in trouble. 

  7. It is our choice which stories we put on the site.  Not every story that is sent to us will be put up, even though we try our best to use everyone's stories.

  8. And finally, HAVE FUN!!

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