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** We will NOT sell, rent, or market your personal information under any conditions...Period! We, at Goodnight Stories, have kids too and wouldn't want their personal information treated as cheap merchandise. 

We may include sponsorship information on our site or in our newsletters about businesses that support our mission. We will post the extent of support each business provides to Goodnight Stories.  You can choose to visit these buisnesses, or to ignore the many enticements to buy from them. Either way we will be happy, and either way no one will gain access to your personal information unless YOU give it to them.  We will NEVER give out your personal information.

Please note that all kids under 13 will need their parents permission to receive our newsletter, participate in Sumbit-a-story program, or just about anything else that involves interaction with Goodnight Stories. We are doing this for your protection.


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Great stories for kids!StoriesEnjoy the fun! Search for what you want!  Tell us what you think!

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