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Goodnight Stories Parents' Newsletter
December 2000

The purpose of this newsletter is to share with parents and teachers ideas we are working on as well as those e-mailed to us related to our site.  We are a group of parents, and concerned adults, just like yourself and our goal is to provide our children with a safe, fun, and educational site.  This is a free site that can only succeed with your help and participation.   Please get involved!  Send us your suggestions, forward this e-mail to your friends, or click here to e-mail them the URL.

Currently we have children and adults submitting stories from various parts of the world.  We encourage you as a parent to get involved and submit your own stories and encourage your kids to do so.   There are "rules" for submitting stories and those rules are intended to ensure that your children are not exposed to any form of offensive material.  Click here to see the rules.  If you have suggestions regarding this issue please e-mail us at

The following are issues that we would like your feedback on.  We would also like your ideas as we will include it in the next issue for other members feedback.

1- A suggestion came in regarding the see-a-story section.  We have purposefully replaced some words with suggestive images, but have not included the word itself next to the image.  We thought that this would stimulate the child to search for an appropriate word to use.   We thought that including the word next to the image would take some of the challenge out of figuring out the right word. The suggestion was that we should include the word...what do you think?

2- We are developing programs for schools and community centers in order to create classroom/community center presence on our site.  Teachers will be able to choose a theme and have their students write stories on that theme.  If you are a teacher or you would like us to work with your local school let us know. We are looking for volunteers as local liaisons between Goodnight Stories and local schools and community centers.

3- We have started reviewing products that are of educational and fun value for kids.  We reviewed the StoryMaker and were very impressed; a bit expensive but a lot of fun.  We have asked Gift Box, our shopping partner to carry it.  Please help us get more products reviewed.   We need suggestions on good products and volunteers to review them.  E-mail us with your thoughts.

4- We would like to add a few more sections but will need volunteers to help us pull it together.  These sections include a crafts section, a recipe and cooking section, a Pen-Pal list, and chat.  We will not be able to do any of these without your help.  We need volunteers for editors, moderators, and coordinators.  Please e-mail us if you are interested, and please talk to other parents in you circle of friends...we need your help!

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