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Caught in "The Web"!


Dave and Kelly loved their computer.  Their parents had gotten it for them a couple of months ago, and they had taught their kids how to use it. They bought some computer games for the kids to play and connected them to the Internet.  The kids loved going on the Internet and visiting web sites.  They got to do research for their homework, play games, print coloring pages, and read stories.  They also got to e-mail their friends and even chat with other kids, after getting their parents permission. 

Because the kids liked the Internet so much, they would finish their homework, then go surf the web.  Very often, they didn't feel the passage of time and found themselves almost falling asleep in front of the computer screen. 

One day they stayed up late surfing the web after they were done with their homework.  After a while they started getting tired and they were almost falling asleep.  While they were in the twilight between being asleep and being awake, they felt a strong suction coming from the computer screen.  It felt like a huge vacuum cleaner!  

By now, they were fully awake and when they looked around but they did not see their living room anymore. Instead, they saw themselves floating in a long tube with speeding chunks of alphabets, numbers, images, and sounds.  They were INSIDE the computer!  It was their dream come true and they decided to...



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