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Ending 8 - The Largest Potato in the World!

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By Esther   Age: 29

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Farmer Joe was the best potato farmer in all of the state of Idaho, maybe the best in the whole world.  He took pride in his work and did the best he could to grow the best and healthiest potatoes.  He picked the best potatoes to plant, and made sure to give them the freshest water and nutrients.  He made sure to clean them from pests, with a lot of work and as little harmful pesticides as possible.

At harvest time, farmer Joe would spend his time making sure that his potatoes were ploughed out of the ground in a proper way so that they wouldn't get bruised or damaged.  This season was a great season, lots of water and sunshine, great weather, and very little pests or insects.  Farmer Joe was looking forward to a great potato crop.

Farmer Joe and his workers had a great potato crop but they were not done yet.  There was a big patch of land that was so hard that the plough was not able dig it up.  So farmer Joe decided to leave it till the next day. 

The next day farmer Joe went to check that stubborn patch of dirt, but when he stuck his shovel into it, he discovered that it was ONE BIG potato that was covering the whole spot.  This must be the biggest potato in the world he thought.   He had to sit and think of a way to get it out.  But how when he knew that this potato was bigger than a truck?! 
Farmer Joe knew it was not going to be easy, but he had an idea.  He decided to start by...

...calling all his friends in town. He thought that it will be easy to get it out with many people working at the same time.

So, he put an advertisement on the local paper, offering a great meal with the money he would get from the sale. The response was absolutely amazing! Hundreds of people came on the day of the meeting with all kinds of tools!

They really had a hard time trying to get that huge potato out of the field. They had also problems; sometimes the sun was so hot that the sweat didn't let them even see what they were doing; once, Pete the butcher fell into the great hole they were opening and it was very hard to get him out, he was so fat!

But in a few days, they got it!
With the help of the engineer, Karl, they could use a big crane he had and finally the super-potato was on the ground and not under it.

They laugh at last, but they started  saying they didn't want to sell it, the effort had been so much! Joe agreed with the idea and they had the promised meal, but you bet, the recipe was a potato one!

From that day on , they decided to have the Potato Day every year, just to get together and have a nice time.


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The End

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