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Ending 6 - A Strange Dream

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Name: KLmoney            Age: 11

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It was getting late, and the kids had to get ready for bed.  They were already done with their dinner and had brushed their teeth.   They kissed their parents goodnight and curled in their beds under the covers.  

It was a bit chilly but not too much, but Molly kept herself bundled up so that her little feet wouldn't get cold.  After a while, her and her little brother Steve were sound asleep. 

Molly started dreaming of a beautiful green park with lots of big trees and berry bushes.  She saw herself walking around with her little brother when she saw a pair of red shiny boots in the bushes.  They looked sparkly new and she thought they were just the size of her cold little feet.  "These boots will keep my feet warm" she thought, and when she didn't find anyone in the park she figured that they don't belong to anyone.
Molly tried the boots on and they fit perfectly!   Her brother thought they looked beautiful on her.  Molly stood up and started walking, but all of a sudden...

...out of nowhere a big monster came and said "GIVE ME MY BOOTS BACK, YOU LITTLE PIPSQUEEK!". Molly didn't want to give her shiny, red, boots back so she ran away as fast as she could with Steve trailing behind. The monster of course followed them. He was too fast.

Soon Molly saw a big mansion. She ran inside to see someone looking at her unwantedly. She decidid to explain later because the monster was close behind. Steve and Molly ran up some big, marble stairs to find at least a dozen rooms. They quickly went opposite ways into different rooms because the monster was coming up te stairs. The monster didn't know which room to go in so he went in the room Steve went in. Molly peeked out her door and was worried.

She had to form a plan to keep her brother safe. She took some nearby string and tied a contraption that was sure to work. Next, she went through a vent to get into the other room where her brother was  hiding from the monster. She ended up right behind the monster that was holding her brother. She pulled a string and the plan went into action. Soon the monster was tied up in string and Molly and steve were safe and sound.

They went down the marble stairs and were suddenly.... in Molly's bed, Molly awoke and was back in her nice warm bed.


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The End

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