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Ending 4 - The Missing Duckling

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By Zorana   

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Mrs. Duck counted her little ducklings again.  They were still nine.  She couldn't believe her eyes.  All ten ducklings were there a few minutes ago, as she counted them before they swam across the river.  She made sure she was right behind her ducklings as they swam across and she only looked away once as she heard a big splash behind her.  She looked back to see what it was and when she saw that it was a couple of boys splashing rocks in the water, she continued to swim keeping a keen eye on her little ones.

But now, one was missing.  It was the youngest of her ducklings and she was so worried.  What could have happened to him.  She looked up and down the river but she could see him nowhere. 

At that very moment the little duckling realized that he was lost.  He couldn't understand how this had happened since he had only gotten distracted for what seemed like a moment.  He had run into some playful fish and followed them for just a moment.  Now he could not see his mother or the other ducklings. 
It seems that the current had carried him far downstream and now as the little duckling climbed up on the river bank, he needed to find a way back to his family.   So he...

... stopped for a moment to see what he is going to do. He was very sad, he thought: "Oh,I don't know what to do,which direction to go.  This happened because I was mean to my friends and my brothers and sisters, I always made fun of them.  First I lost my friends,and now my family!!"  Suddenly a little frog jumped right in front of him.  The little duckling was really scared, because he never saw that kind of a creature before.  The frog said: "Don't be afraid,I won't hurt you!  I just wanted to meet you!  I was born a month ago and I'm still meeting the others!  I'm Kenny the frog!Who are you?"

The little duck wasn't scared any more.  He really liked Kenny, and he said: "I'm Jimmy the duckling!  Nice to meet you!   I was born a month ago,too!"
"I saw you going up and down the river looking for something or someone!  Are you lost?"asked Kenny the frog.

"Yes I am" answered the little duckling "I can't find my family, I will probably never see them again" said the duckling,bursting into tears.

"Oh,Jimmy,don't cry.  I think I know where your family is!" "You do?!!" the duckling couldn't believe it. "Yes,I saw them going through the cane a minute ago.  They asked me if I saw a little duck, but I couldn't help them" said the frog.

"Oh,great!  Would you come with me to look for them?" asked the duck. "Sure,let's go!" said Kenny.
And so they went through the cane looking for Jimmy's family.

Soon they found them, and Jimmy was very, very, very happy, so was his family.  Jimmy finally realized how much he loved his mom, brothers, and sisters, and he promised that he will never again be mean to them.   They forgave him everything.

Jimmy also realized what a friendship really means.  He understood that friends have to help, not to make fun of each other.   He had a new friend who helped him see all this. His old friends forgave him everything, too and he could play with them again.


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The End

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