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Ending 7 - Not a Normal Zoo Day

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By Ginger      Age: 13

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It all started on a nice sunny day last April.  All the kids in school were excited to be going to the zoo, but I was especially excited.  I love animals and picnics, and going to the zoo is having both at the same time. 

At the zoo, we got to see different animals in their cages and some of them were getting fed by their guards.  Each of us had a favorite animal, and mine was the Elephant. 
It was all going well, until Sam decided to mess around with the lock on the monkeys' cage and then...

... suddenly all of the monkeys escaped! Before we knew it there were 34 monkeys running all over the zoo.  Our class, along with the guards, began running after them but by the time we caught up with them it was too late!  The monkeys were setting all of the other animals free as well!  Now there were lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) running all over the zoo.  Then just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the animals all turned on us and began locking us up in their cages! 

It then began to get dark.  I was getting really worried.  That is when our rescuers arrived!  You see, at night time is when the zookeepers feed the animals and clean the cages.  The animals locked the zookeepers up right away, but they forgot something very important - the zookeepers have keys!  We secretly had a meeting and came up with a plan to escape, and it worked.  We then put all the animals back into their cages.  The animals were very hungry and were glad to be back in their cages because they were not used to finding food on the own to eat.  They were grateful that the zookeepers fed them and cleaned their cages.  They promised not to ever escape again!      


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The End

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