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Ending 20 - Not a Normal Zoo Day

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By Rachael Protzman
Age: 8

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It all started on a nice sunny day last April.  All the kids in school were excited to be going to the zoo, but I was especially excited.  I love animals and picnics, and going to the zoo is having both at the same time. 

At the zoo, we got to see different animals in their cages and some of them were getting fed by their guards.  Each of us had a favorite animal, and mine was the Elephant. 
It was all going well, until Sam decided to mess around with the lock on the monkeys' cage and then...

... the lock unlocked. At first I worried then suddenly I saw the owner of the zoo. There was nothing I could do! When he noticed the lock was unlocked he couldn't even look at me. So I asked him where the key to the cage was, and he said he lost the key a long time ago. He has been looking for it ever since.

We looked all over the jungle for the key. Suddenly we found it in a lion cage. While I distracted the lion the owner was getting the key, I got the key and ran away with it as soon as I could. When we got back I locked the cage and my teacher punished Sam. Then it was lunch time and then the field trip was over. So we had an exhausting field trip.


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The End

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