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Ending 1... Continued

By Sophy Millington   Age: 22

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Rays of light crept across the sleeping Toodles lighting up her fine ginger and white coat.   The sound of the kettle bubbling away in the distant and the clinking of crockery from Mr. Finkle making his usual cup of fruit tea did nothing to distract her from this deep slumber.

"Cup of tea Toodles"

Toodles remained sleeping, yet out of her mouth came: "no no put the money in there"

"Come on Toodles we've a busy day ahead of. Besides you still haven't told me about..."

Toodles stretched out so her body covered the entire chair.

"Gangsters" Toodles woke up leaping onto Mr. Finkle in fright, making him spill his cup of tea down his trouser leg.

"You were having a bad dream"

"I was merely exploring the world of the subconscious" replied Toodles in disgust.

"and what's all this about gangsters. Don't think you can keep it from me today. We all want to know the details.

"Who's we" said a bemused Toodles.

"Them looking in through that glass mirror. The door to imagination"

"Computers, well in my day we had paper and quills and..."

"Oh Toodles don't be such an old stick in the mud, and tell me about gangsters"

"Well not before a cup of tea"

So Mr. Finkle made Toodles and himself tea and they settled down to a full English breakfast to begin again.

"You'd just chased after that tom cat"

"Oh yes, I'd just chased that fine tom cat for miles. Through  backstreets of villains and muggers hiding waiting to pounce at any moment. Down into the sewers, oh the smell, where the darkest of cats roam. Drugs on every corner. I bet my nephew will end up there with that awful racket he listens to. Music it is not."

"You've come out the sewers"

"Arrh yes by this time I'm dripping with sweat most undignified, for a feline of my breeding. But something had got hold of me,: that cat, a last rebellion, a chance of being young again. Who knows? All I know is that my senses left me and I was enticed into a trap of danger and excitement. Electrifying. I was Electrified.

"You still haven't told me who the tom cat was"

"Patience, my dear Finkle, Here have a slice of toast"

Toodles placed a piece of toast thickly covered in the finest curl of butter on to Finkles plate. It sat there untouched.

"Now then we are out of the sewers then what happened. Yes that's it he turns round and stares straight into my eyes. The greenness piercing and cold yet somehow alluring in the velvet night. Beckons and walks slowly to the edge of a river. Stops silent to the night whilst my puffing and panting could be mistaken for a steamtrain in that minute of deafly silence. Then suddenly from out of nowhere I gain an air of confidence. Besides I was brought up to believe you should make polite conversation with people.
Besides I had to understand:

"What's going on"


"sorry but it's just most improper for a feline like myself to be out at such an hour"

"We're waiting"

"Waiting for what"

"A signal"

"From whom"


A small rat scurries towards them, looking extremely scared, whispers something into the tom cats ear, and scuttles off in the opposite direction, foot cracking a twig as he goes.

"Rats, there all the same, follow me"

At this point this rather superior tom cat dives head first into the river. I couldn't believe it I can tell you. Well what was I supposed to do wait by the river on my own lost with scum and riff raff round every street. So I did the only viable option to me God forbid, I went in after him. The murky water of the river swirled around I was knocked this way and that before feeling myself being sucked down into it's lair of infinite darkness.

At this point Mr. Finkle was sitting bolt up on his stool. Staring in
amazement at what his cat was confessing to.

"You, you could have drowned"

"Well as I was saying, none of my choices were exactly ideal."

So I've been sucked down into the river, I must have knocked my head on something, a shopping trolley maybe. Anyway next thing I know I'm being carried by the tom cat and am in front of a huge oak door, at the bottom of this river. The door opens and....

Is that the time I'm supposed to be meeting Tricksy for coffee. She'll be most put out if I don't go.

"You did it to me again"

"Sorry I just can't be late"

"Well it looks like you lot out there and I'll have to wait until later"
sighed Mr. Finkle.

This story is unfinished... the author is sending more installments soon, you can bookmark this page to come back and read the rest shortly.


Copyright 2000 Goodnight Stories

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The End

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