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Ending 1 - What Happened to Mr. Finkle's Cat?

By Sophy Millington   Age: 22

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One morning, Mr. Finkle woke up and did not find Toodles, his cat, next to him in bed.  He couldn't understand it...Toodles always stayed in bed until he woke up.  They would go together and get the newspaper and sit and have tea and cookies together.  But today was different!  Toodles was not in bed where she should have been. 

Mr. Finkle was not the kind of person to panic however, so after searching the whole house he went out to look for her in his very neat yard. He knew that Toodles' favorite place to nap was in the Daffodil patch, and even though it wasn't nap time he still decided to look for her there.  When he didn't find her, Mr. Finkle started to wonder where she could be. 

Now one thing Mr. Finkle had was a very active imagination.  He noticed that lately Toodles had been reading an unusually high number of adventure books lately and couldn't help wondering if she had decided to have one of her own.  Just then he saw Toodles coming out from behind the Lilac bushes with a very sly smile on her face, and he knew that indeed she had been up to something very exciting.
Toodles sat next to Mr. Finkle at the kitchen table, and while he poured her a cup of tea, she began to tell him about her adventure...

..."Well yer know I was out stretched on this nice shaded patch of grass minding my own business.


HMmmm would you pass me the sugar please.

Where was I, oh yes.

Well minding my own business, and who should appear but this gorgeous shiny black tom cat.

He walks straight across right in front of me. Bloodied mouse paused delicately in his mouth.

This wasn't no ordinary scratching the bins for food tom cat. But a specimen of pure class. A certain air of sophistication lets say your Chopin listening cat not the one that listens to that awful punk music. Huh my nephew he has no taste."

Mr. Finkle winked and smiled at Toodles.
"You always do go for quality"

Toodles sits back in her chair

"So any way this cat drops the mouse right in font of me and chases off in the opposite direction"

"very forceful"

"Well anyway accepting this invitation, I dart after puffing and panting the whole way. Yet not once taking my eyes off his slick black tail."

Mr. Finkle picked up the teapot.

"Another cup?"

"Don't mind if I do

Where did we end up"

"Well that is what I'm dying to know and I'm sure our friends outside of the computer screen want to know too."

"Maybe you'll have to wait and see"

"A cliffhanger"

"Every good story has them"

"You go out all night come back at this hour. I want to know now"

"I have one word. Gangsters!!!"

and with that Toodles fell asleep in the chair. Snoring so loud that the crockery shook on the table.


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The End

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