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  1. To Encode, write your message in the box to the left.

  2. Enter your secret number at the bottom. It can be any number between 0 and 9999.

  3. Press the 'Encode Message' button. Make sure to only press it ONCE.

  4. To send your encoded message, highlight the encoded text, copy it (Press Ctrl+C - for Macs press Apple+C) then paste it in the body of your e-mail (Press Ctrl+V - Macs Apple+V) .  You can use the link that says 'Send a Message' to open your e-mail program.

  5. You can include the secret number in the same e-mail, but we recommend sending it separately or agreeing on one at another time.

  6. To Decode, paste the encoded message in the box (see instruction no. 4), put in the secret number, and click the 'Decode Message' button.

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Great stories for kids!StoriesEnjoy the fun! Search for what you want!  Tell us what you think!

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