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Grandma's Card

** It was a week before Grandma's birthday, and little Sue wanted to tell her Grandma how much she loved her. So she got a card and wrote every sweet thing she had saved in her heart for Grandma.

Sue asked her mom for a stamp and then she put the card and some photographs in an envelope and sealed it. Then she put the stamp in the top right corner of the envelope and put Grandma's address on it. When she was done she ran eagerly out to the mail box, where she carefully placed the envelope.

She sat for almost an hour looking out the window and waiting for the postman to show up. She wanted to make sure that her special card would get to Grandma, so she sat and watched until the postman had put all the mail that he had collected into the back of his mail truck. At last her letter was on its way to Grandma!

But what Sue didn't see was that after the mailman had put the mail into his truck, he turned to double check that he had gotten everything. He had left the back door open and a very strong gust of wind blew some of the letters out of the mail basket. Sue's card was blown out too. The mailman started to chase the mail and he...


managed to get it back


lost some of the mail


You decide!

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