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Grandma's Card

** He thought for a long time and finally decided the envelope. He knew it was not the right thing to do, but he was just so curious and he forgot how important the letter might be to someone.

Just as he was about to open it one of the little squirrels jumped down out of the grabbed the envelope and took off with it. The second squirrel was close behind. Before the boy knew it, both squirrels had disappeared into the wooded part of the park. He could still see them, but they were running quite fast and he didn't want to follow them and get lost in a part of the park that he was unfamiliar with. On the other hand, if he just went into the edge of the woods he would surely be able to get out again.

At that moment the squirrels broke out into another fight and they dropped the letter for the second time. The boy ran quickly into the woods and picked up the letter. When he looked up he realized that he had gone farther into the forest than he had intended and he could no longer see the path where he had been standing. He knew it couldn't be far, but he didn't know whether to go left or right. As he looked around he thought he saw something familiar and decided to go...






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