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Grandma's Card

** Just then he saw his friend returning so he decided to try and find a as his friend got closer, he decided to run through the parade and cross the street to lose his friend and then he would be able to find a mailbox without his friend getting the letter. As he crossed the street he turned right then left then right again. He was back in the park and up ahead was the park bridge that crossed over Jefferson River which was in front of the library, where he knew there was a mailbox.

Whew! He had made it, but just a he was in the middle of the bridge, a guy on skates came roaring by and caused him to loose his balance and fall on the railing. He quickly caught the rail and managed not to fall but he had let go of the letter, as he he saw the letter floating in the air he reached out to catch it...


and he caught it


missed it


You decide!

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Great stories for kids!StoriesEnjoy the fun! Search for what you want!  Tell us what you think!

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