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Grandma's Card

** He thought for a long time and finally decided the right thing and drop it in a mailbox. But the other boy was not as good. He was also older and stronger, so he snatched it from the first boy and insisted on opening it to find out what was inside.

Just as he was about to open it, they heard music coming their way and looked up to see a band marching straight down the street. The second boy was so excited he forgot all about the letter and threw it back on the ground. The first boy picked the letter up and dusted it off. Now all he had to do was to find a mailbox.

He looked around but he did not see one close by. He knew that if he followed the band he was sure to find one eventually, but he was concerned that if he didn't find a mailbox right away that the other boy might get his hands on the letter again. Just then he saw his friend returning so he decided to...


find a mailbox


follow the parade


You decide!

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Great stories for kids!StoriesEnjoy the fun! Search for what you want!  Tell us what you think!

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