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Grandma's Card

** The postage was...not enough, so the postal worker put the envelope in a returned mail bin to send back to poor Sue. Sue was very disappointed when she discovered that her special card was not on its way to Grandma as she had hoped.

Now Sue did not know what to do. There were only five more days until Grandma's birthday and instead of being on the way to Grandma the card was sitting on Sue's desk just waiting to be mailed all over again. Sue thought of sending it Priority Mail which would get there in only a couple of days, but it would cost her all of her allowance that she had been saving up for the last few weeks.

She didn't mind spending the money, but she had been hoping to save up enough to get Grandpa a card for his birthday which was coming up in only two weeks. If she used the money to send it Priority Mail, she would probably be a little late getting Grandpa's card out to him. This was going to be a really difficult decision.

She could simply put another stamp on it and drop it back in the mailbox, it was cheaper but she couldn't be sure that it would make it on time. Sue knew that both of her grandparents loved her and that neither one of them would be upset if their card was a little late so in the end she decided to...


use Priority Mail


add another stamp


You decide!

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