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Grandma's Card

** The postage was...just right. Sue knew it was a heavier envelope and she made sure to put two stamps on it. Once she was sure that it had the right postage the postal worker put the letter into the bin with all the other letters going to Florida, the state where Grandma lived. Sue's envelope and all the others in the bin were dumped into a big sack and were taken to the airport. Then the sack was put on a plane going to Florida.

The plane flew for a long time. The weather was good at the beginning of the flight but soon it started to be very windy and the heavy plane was barely able to keep itself in the air. It was getting so dangerous that the crew decided to dump some of the heavier items off the plane so that it wouldn't crash.

The crew dumped many things off of the plane, but they couldn't decide whether the mail bag should be one of them. They knew it was really important, but they also knew that if they didn't get enough weight off the plane they would crash. After a lot of thought they decided to...


dump the mailbag


keep the mailbag


You decide!

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